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Associate Minister of Health and Long-Term Care and Wellness Announces
Redevelopment of South Centennial Manor on April 8th, 2016.
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South Centennial Manor Redevelopment Project

From 1917 to 1955 the community was served by a small hospital set up and operated by the town's paper mill for the care of its employees and their families. In 1955, the company built a modern hospital on the present site and deeded it to the Province. Anson General Hospital was incorporated in that year. The Hospital underwent a complete redevelopment in the late '80s to better provide comprehensive health care services for its catchment population of 8,000. In April 1998, the Hospital took over the management and operation of South Centennial Manor, a 69-bed Home for the Aged, located off-site.

Today Anson General Hospital is an acute general hospital which provides a wide range of in-patient, chronic care, emergency, out-patient, ambulatory care and long-term care services. Currently the hospital is designated as having 19 Acute, 15 Complex Continuing Care and 69 Long-Term Care beds.

A view of Anson General Hospital from Anson drive
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