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Villa Minto - Overview

Associate Minister of Health and Long-Term Care and Wellness
In Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Villa Minto on April 8th, 2016.
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Villa Minto prides itself on its cozy homelike atmosphere, and is pleased to offer the following services:

  • Nursing and Personal Care
  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living
  • Treatment and Medication Administration
  • Special Diets
  • Laundry Services
  • Room and Board
  • Social/ Recreational Programs
  • Other Optional Services (ie, Pastoral Care)
  • Medical Care
  • On-site Therapy

Nursing Services

Nursing staff will work in partnership with the Residents to plan their nursing care and the manner in which it will be given. Residents will be encouraged to perform routine tasks of daily living (ie, bathing) and the nurses will be there to assist them when needed. Their health status will be monitored and nursing will provide the supportive care they need to live as comfortable, fully and effectively as possible.

There are professional nursing personnel available 24 hours a day. The nurses will use their knowledge and experience to provide the information and guidance required by the Residents to maintain their life style. Upon admission, all medications will be reviewed by a physician and most will be covered by the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan as was the case when living in your own home. All medications are administered by the RN or RPN and no medications.

Dietary Services

Meal times provide opportunities to meet and socialize with other Residents in pleasant surroundings under relaxed circumstances. All meals will be served in a spacious dining room restaurant style. Meals are planned to take in personal preferences, special diets and seasonal specialties. Coffee, tea, milk, juices, fruit and light snacks are served morning, afternoon and evening as well as being available at all times day or night. During the summer, meals could be served outdoors.

Housekeeping/ Laundry Services

All bed linen is provided. A comforter or afghan may be brought in for the Resident's use. Laundry service is provided for wash and wear clothing (No Woolen Items). Labeling of personal clothing is done by the facility as soon as the clothes is brought in to prevent loss. Dry cleaning costs are the Resident's or his/ her family's responsibility. Mending and ironing will be available at a cost to the Resident.

Gift Shop

The Ladies' Auxiliary will operate the gift shop which will provide confectionery and sundry supplies.

Mail Service

Mail Service is available at the Home. Stamps are available at the Gift Shop.

Telephone Service

Residents may have a telephone in their room. They are responsible to arrange this service through the Cochrane PUC. Each Resident will be billed personally by the PUC.

Cable TV

Residents will be afforded the opportunity of having cable available in their rooms for connecting their personal TVs. The cable charges will be the Resident's responsibility.

Hairdressing Services

The services of qualified hairdressers will be available at reasonable rates and the Residents will be billed accordingly. One hairdresser provides a service for our Residents on Tuesday mornings.

Call Bells

Call bells are located at each bedside and in each washroom, tub room and Resident activity room.

The bedside alarms are activated by pushing a button, and the washroom alarm system is activated by pulling a chain.