Hospital Feedback

Our staff, physicians and students are committed to providing quality patient care. We welcome your feedback about what we are doing well and suggestions on how we can improve the care and services we provide.

The Patient Relations service is available to support patients, their families and visitors to the MICs Group of Health Services. We will work with you and your health-care team to assist with any questions, concerns or suggestions you may have regarding your care and service. This feedback includes compliments, concerns and complaints regarding the services which we provide.

We want to respond to patient/family and visitor concerns effectively, at the earliest opportunity.

In June 2010, the Government of Ontario passed the Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA). This legislation puts patients first by improving the quality and value of the patient experience through the application of evidence-based health care. The MICs Group of Health Services wholeheartedly supports ECFAA and has established a Patient Relations process to help provide patients and families with a forum for patient feedback. As part of ECFAA, we have also created a Patient Declaration of Values, which is available on our website.

Patient feedback

Your feedback helps us to identify ways to improve your experience while receiving care or visiting someone you care about. You may express a concern at any point during your health-care experience. You may also contact us after your stay to indicate:

  • Compliments about your experience
  • Concerns about your experience

You can contact Patient Relations by using the feedback form below. You can also give Patient Relations a call at each of the following phone numbers.

Bingham Memorial Hospital

Patient Relations
705-273-2424 (ext. 1156)

Anson General Hospital

Patient Relations
705-258-3911 (ext. 1156)

Lady Minto Hospital

Patient Relations
705-272-7200 (ext. 1156)

Our clinical teams continuously strive to work with patients and families to ensure that as many concerns or complaints are addressed at the bedside. For more information on helpful tips for resolving an issue, continue reading below.

Patient concerns

The Chief Nursing Officer is available to facilitate the investigation and resolution of patient, family and visitor issues, concerns and complaints. This is part of the broader effort across the MICs Group of Health Services to offer the best patient experience through the promotion of our patient centered approach to provide excellent healthcare programs and services to all we serve.

What do you do first if you have a problem or a concern?

Step 1 – Talk with a member of the health care team:

When you, or your family, have a concern, please share these concerns as soon as possible. Feel free to speak with any member of the health care team. They will listen and respond to your concerns. If you have a concern about a staff member, try to speak with them directly.

Step 2 – Ask to speak with another team member, if needed:

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking with the person or your concerns do not get resolved, ask to speak with another member of the team.

Step 3 – Ask to speak with the Manager, if needed:

If concerns are still not resolved to your satisfaction, ask to speak with the Charge Nurse or Unit Manager.

Helpful tips

Here are some suggestions for discussing concerns with hospital staff:

“I understand that hospital staff would like to hear from patients and families. I would like to talk with someone about my concerns.”

“I have some questions, when is a good time for us to talk?”

“What you have said is not clear to me, could you explain?”

“I need some time to think about this. Can we talk again later?”

“I think we may need to have someone help us work through this issue?”

I’m afraid that if I complain, things will be worse for me and/or my relative

We encourage and welcome your feedback. In fact, this is a cornerstone of our ‘Patient Declaration of Values’. Hearing from patients and families is the best way to improve the care and services we provide. Please be assured that raising a concern will not negatively affect your care (or a loved one’s care) in any way.

Your concerns will receive our courteous and respectful attention at the earliest possible time.

Talking about serious issues can be upsetting. However, the best way to work together and find solutions is for everyone to behave in a respectful manner. Rude, hurtful, offensive or threatening words or actions are NOT acceptable.

Your Feedback is Appreciated
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In the event that the MICs Group of Health Services is not able to resolve your concerns/complaint to your satisfaction, you may wish to contact the office of the Patient Obdudsman. Please take a moment to download and read the Patient Obudsman.

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