In February 2018, the MICs Group of Health Services was awarded ‘Accreditation’ status from Accreditation Canada. Accreditation is a voluntary process that allows health-care providers to assess every aspect of health care and service against national standards of excellence.

In the surveyors’ final report, Accreditation Canada determined that the MICs Group of Health Services met 96.3 per cent of the standards and criteria that were assessed. This is an outstanding accomplishment!

Applause and accolades to all those involved in Accreditation!

Surveyors spent four days on-site at all of our sites during the month of February 2018, reviewing documentation and performance data, observing care processes, interviewing patients, families, staff, physicians, and community partners to provide “a 360 degree look” at the hospital.

Being accredited shows that we have been assessed by our peers, met or exceeded national standards of excellence, and that we continue to strive for high quality health care.

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