South Centennial Manor Redevelopment Project Update

The South Centennial Manor (SCM) Redevelopment Project has been and continues to be a focus project for MICs Group of Health Services and its Foundation.
We have reached several milestones in this project such as having the design plans and owner sign off submitted as well as the production of architectural drawings. The 90% working drawings have been submitted to the Ministry for review. We are now waiting for their approval and to receive a development agreement before going to tender for construction. Part of this development agreement process is to secure the complete financing of the $42M project. We have been approved for a $27M loan from the Ontario Financing Authority (OFA), received a generous $3M commitment from the Town of Iroquois Falls, and are launching an $8M, 5 year fundraising campaign through the Foundation.
AdvantAge Ontario continues to advocate for an increased construction funding subsidy for homes who are still planning on redeveloping, such as South Centennial Manor. This much needed increase will support the additional construction costs due to inflation. From attending the AdvantAge Ontario Lobby Day on February 26, 2024 (shown below), we are hopeful that positive news will come to the Long-Term Care sector in the upcoming Provincial Budget in March.
Thank you to all who have supported this project and continue to support it. Your contributions make a tangible difference in our community. We look forward to the next steps of the SCM Redevelopment Project.
If you wish to donate to this project, call the Foundation Coordinator at 705-273-2424 ext 1154.

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