Links to COVID-19 Information

In order to receive the most up-to-date information, please click on the links below to access all the most current information regarding COVID-19 for our area.

Porcupine Health Unit COVID-19 Update

Enhanced Measures to Protect Ontarians from COVID-19
To ensure the health of individuals and families living within our communities, please be aware of the following public health measures which are needed. These were recommended by Dr. David Williams, the Chief Medical Officer of Health of Ontario and further supported by Premier Doug Ford with today’s declaration of a state of emergency.

Important Update on COVID-19

Visitors: As per the Chief Medical Officer of Health, only essential visitors will be allowed to visit our Long-Term Care Homes. As such, we are also restricting visitors to our hospitals to protect our patients. The ministry is identifying essential visitors as those who have a Patient/Resident who is dying or very ill or a parent/guardian of an ill child or youth in a live-in treatment setting.
There will be screening at the main entrances.
All outpatients will be screened.
Clinics/outpatient services: Some of our outpatient services could be impacted. You will be notified if your appointment is deferred or cancelled.

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